Taking The First Step


From all my years working as a practitioner so far, I realise that it is possible for us to heal from our past.

This has been true in my own healing journey, but also been honoured to see the healing in my clients lives.


little girl stepping with confidence on a path
Photo by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE on Unsplash


I notice many clients coming through the door with so much that they bear and carry.

For them it is like “I carry so much and for so long, how can there be change”


However, as they take that step of courage, to face things for the first time, to speak of things they have kept silent, to share the truth from their childhood, or to face the unthinkable, eventually healing and restoration unfolds for them.

It may not be straight away but as they offer that step for themselves and they keep showing up and trusting in the process, eventually that person that came through that door is changed forever.


If you feel apprehensive about taking that first step I want to encourage you to do it.

If you have been able to manage as you are for so long you will be able to manage the healing process too.

Remember the generations ahead of you that will benefit from this change.

It is an investment in yourself.

Dont give up on yourself because change is possible, if you are ready to make that investment.