Self Doubt

Many of us experience self doubt. It creates indecisiveness, a fear that you are going to make the wrong choice and low confidence in yourself and your abilities.


Photo by Michael Afonso on Unsplash 


Some helpful steps to shifting that are firstly to remember the times that you have succeeded and the outcomes that were positive and how they benefitted you and others.

Sometimes it is also helpful to even visualise that time. How hard it was for you to take that step and the negative messages from others around you to do it and to remember that you did it.

You made that choice, you walked yourself through all the changes and not only did you survive but there were positives.


The next step is to normalise it.

We all experience self doubt. It is part of being human.

You are not alone in your battle.

When we normalise something it helps us feel we can manage it and to also face it head on.


Thirdly ask yourself is this self doubt producing anything of benefit to me, to my life and my future.

If the answer is no then choosing to no longer entertain it is powerful.

Make that choice to entertain thoughts that will benefit you like: “I can do this”, “I’ve been here before and I can do it again”, “if I fail I can learn and try again and do better”, “I am enough for this”, “I am going to be okay”.


The last step is maybe to offer yourself some counselling to begin to heal the self doubt in your life.

Sometimes when we find the source of our self doubt we can begin to truly face it and let it go.

A counsellor can help you to see things differently, have some new tools and strategies to navigate it.


This article was written by Lovina Triman.