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Propel Counselling provides individual and couple counselling services from our conveniently located Perth CBD healthcare practice

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Our approach

Here at Propel Counselling, we are committed to coming alongside our clients and helping them through a variety of relational, emotional and psychological concerns. 

 What you can expect

Propel Counselling is passionate about providing a compassionate, safe and professional counselling service to help you in your healthcare.

How we can we help you

For many, the step to seek individual and couple counselling is when things get past the point of managing and functioning.

Propel Counselling is here to help you with a variety of issues from anxiety and depression to eating disorders and trauma. However others come for counselling simply because they are facing a massive life decision or are finding their anger is impacting on their most intimate relationships. At other times life can hit us hard and we have to navigate a significant loss, loneliness, or a broken marriage.

Whatever your reason, counselling is a very healthy next step towards your own healing, growth and recovery.

Married couple at a counselling session

Marriage counselling

When couples or individuals face conflicts, communication issues, or unresolved problems, seeking professional counselling in Perth becomes essential. 

Individual and couple counselling Perth counsellor supervision

Individual counselling

Trust, safety, and compassion serve as cornerstones within our therapeutic process. Learn how Propel Counselling can help with your holistic well-being and transformative change.

Individual and couple counselling Perth counsellor supervision


Propel Counselling offers essential supervision services for both individual and group settings. Our approach is person-centred and combines psychodynamic and developmental supervision models to guide you on your journey.


What is it like working with us

“I am really glad that I have found Lovina and we are able to explore my unconscious feelings/memories together. She challenges me and seems like she has a lot of knowledge. Which is also really helpful for me as it gives me a great understanding to become a therapist myself. Even though it is challenging going to therapy, I am always looking forward to it and all in all it is a very positive experience and learning environment.”

“Lovina was a huge help when I needed counselling and I wouldn’t hesitate to return to her and recommend to friends. I’m truly grateful for her expertise and guidance”

“Lovina has been truly amazing. She provided me with the tools I needed to get onto the right track. Always in a kind way, I never felt judged and I felt like I could tell her anything.”

“Working with Lovina was a great experience and I would recommend her to anyone who is facing personal or live challenges. She can open up your eyes and guide you towards a better you. I am grateful to have met her.”

“I cannot describe how thankful I am for all the support and guidance I received from your service, particularly from Lovina Triman. She truly is a kind, patient person who showed me genuine compassion and empathised with my emotional pain.”

“Lovina is a gem. I am so lucky to have found her during the most difficult time in my life and she has been one of the most important factors in my healing process. She always provides such insightful and wise advice and listens without judgement. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation”